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Lip Blush in Calgary

Have you been searching for something that will add shape, symmetry, fullness, and colour to your lips that doesn't include lip colour or filler? Look no further because lip blush is definitely your answer! With our exclusive lip blush techniques, you will never have to touch a lipstick again, and you won't have to pay for filler every few months because lip blush lasts for years.

If you're worried about choosing a technique, colour, and /or shape don't worry we have you covered, we have a consult built into all of our appointments to help guide you through the entire process.  Keep scrolling to learn more!

3 Exclusive Techniques

With everyone in mind we created three exclusive Lip Blush techniques, Bloom Blush, Glam Blush, and Balance Blush.  Each technique was designed to be non invasive with short, easy healing times.  Also, we have created a one of a kind aftercare kit that is specially designed for fast healing with NO SCABBING so there is no downtime!  Keep scrolling to learn more about our techniques.

Bloom Blush

Bloom Blush is our most popular lip blush.  It rejuvenates your colour, shape, and fullness.  It leaves you with a natural, youthful lip that lasts 2-5 years.  We have 25 base colours so we can create a custom colour, match your favourite lip colour or we can choose a colour one shade darker than your natural lip colour.  Bloom Blush is perfect for any age, lip volume or shape as long as you have a lighter lip undertone.  If your lip has darker undertones Balance Blush is more suited for you.

 Lip Blush Before/After

* Healed

Full face example of healed bloom blush lips, a Lip Blush service technique from Precise Pigment

* Healed

 Lip Blush Before/After

* Healed

Glam Blush

Glam Blush is a lip blush that gives you a more made up lip.  If you apply makeup every day this lip blush is for you.  It will leave you with a lip that can easily go from day to night by just adding lip gloss.  We have 25 base colours so we can create a custom colour or match your favourite lip colour.  Glam Blush is perfect for any age as long as your lip has quite a bit of volume.  Darker colours can make your lips look smaller, so if you don't have a lot of volume then Bloom Blush will be better suited for you.  Glam Blush lasts 3-5 years.

Healed glam blush

* Healed

Healed glam blush

* Healed

Healed glam blush

* Healed

Balance Blush

Balance Blush is a technique that was developed for lips with darker undertones, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and /or scarring.  This lip blush technique will help balance out the colour and restore your lips to the perfect shape!  If you have darker undertones, hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation a custom colour will be mixed for you.  Once your lip colour is balanced then you can choose your desired lip colour.  Balance Blush can take several sessions but it's definitely worth the wait.  If you would like to know more about how we would balance out your lip please send us an email with a photo.  Balance Blush lasts 3-5 years.

Before and after lips example of the balance blush technique, a Lip Blush service from Precise Pigment

* Healed

Before and after lips healing timeline example of the balance blush technique, a Lip Blush service from Precise Pigment

* Healed

 Lip Blush Before/After

* Healed

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I expect the day of my appointment?

The appointment will start with us picking out the perfect colour for your lips.  Next we start the pre-draw, during the pre-draw we will work with your feedback to create the lip shape of your dreams.  Next we will pre numb your lips for 20 minutes, once your lips are numb the implanting of pigment will start.  Throughout the session we use a secondary anesthetic to reduce pain, swelling and redness so you are guaranteed to be comfortable.  The total appointment time takes 3 hours, implanting the pigment takes 1 - 1.5 hours.  After the session we will go over the aftercare instructions and you will receive an aftercare kit with cleanser, healing gel and a cool pack for swelling. 

How should I prepare for my appointment?

For one week prior drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, keep your lips moisturized and scrub away any dry skin daily.  We cannot implant pigment into dry lips.  We like to use Aquaphor for a moisturizer and coconut oil and sugar for a scrub.  If you are prone to cold sores you must take an antiviral medication prescribed by your doctor before and after your appointment.

What is the healing like?

Our aftercare kits are specially designed for fast healing with NO SCABBING.  For 5 - 7 days you will be required to use your aftercare kit as instructed at your appointment.  Your lips will look like you're wearing lip colour for the first few days .  Once they have healed they will lighten 50 - 60% and after 4 weeks you can decide if you would like to come in for a touch up.

What is the downtime?

The only downtime after lip blush is the swelling which will subside within 24 hours.  A lot of our clients say it’s down within a few hours or by the next morning.  We always give you a cool pack to take home which will help reduce the swelling.

How long does it last?

It lasts 2-5 years which its dependent on lip blush technique, age, skin type and lifestyle.  Also, pigments used in permanent makeup are designed to fade over time.  This allows us to change shape and colour as we age.


Does it hurt?

Everyone experiences pain differently so unfortunately we cannot tell you if you’ll find it painful but our lip blush techniques are non invasive and we numb you before and during the session so a lot of our clients fall asleep. We promise to keep you comfortable.

I have fillers, can I get lip blush?

Yes!  Lip blush and fillers are a great combo.  Lip filler can stretch the border of your lip, leaving it light and without definition.  Lip blush will restore the definition, symmetry and colour to your lips.  You just have to wait 4 weeks in between your appointments.

How do we choose a colour?

It’s easier than you think!  We have a system that allows us to find the perfect colour and we swatch it directly on your lip for you to approve.  We have 25 base lip blush colours and any of these can be mixed to create a custom colour.  We can create the perfect colour for you wether it’s soft or bold and we can also match your favourite lip colour.

Can I get lip blush if I’m prone to cold sores?

Yes you can!  You just have to take an antiviral medication prescribed by your doctor before and after your appointment to prevent an outbreak.

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