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Permanent Brows in Calgary

Have you have given up on filling in your brows?  We gave up a long time ago and now it's your turn to throw away your brow pencil and enjoy hassle free permanent brow makeup.  We have 3 brow techniques that will allow you to wake up to beautiful brows that are ready to go without you doing a thing. 


We know that all the different brow techniques can get confusing so we have built a consult into all of our appointments.  We will guide you through the entire process and help you find the perfect brow for your everyday life.  Keep scrolling to learn more!

Exclusive Brow Aftercare

The biggest inconvenience with getting your brows done is the scabbing.  It's uncomfortable and let's be honest, it can look a bit scary.  To solve this problem we developed an aftercare kit that you won't find anywhere else.  It promotes rapid healing with NO SCABBING, this means no downtime, no hiding away and no discomfort.  You will also have better pigment retention so you are less likely to need a touchup.

Combination Brow

A combo brow is our most popular brow technique.  It is a mix of microblading in the front and powder throughout the rest of the brow.  It will give you a natural fluffy front and a perfectly structured tail.  If you have little to no hair, oily skin or you're wanting a natural but structured brow then you will love a combo brow.  A combo brow lasts anywhere between 3 -5 years.

Combination Brows
Powdered Brows
Combo brows

* Healed

Powder / Ombre Brow

A powder brow resembles powdery makeup once healed and they are created with machine micro pigmentation.  A powder brow does not include hair strokes and can be made as soft or as bold as you like.  If you are filling in your brows every day, love a full brow, have oily skin, and you don't like the look of microblading then a powder brow is for you.  A powder brow lasts anywhere between 3 - 5 years. 

Powder Brows
Powdered Brows
Healed Powder Brow

* Healed


Microblading resembles hair strokes which is created with a manual tool called a microblade.  Unfortunately microblading is not for everyone, if you have oily and /or mature skin this is not the technique for you.  Oily skin can cause the hair strokes to heal blurred or they may fade away altogether.  If you have mature skin the microblade is too harsh for your skin in certain areas.  A combo or powdered brow is 100% safe for all ages and skin types.  Microblading lasts anywhere between 2 - 5 years. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I expect the day of my appointment?

The appointment will start with us numbing the area for 20 minutes.  Next we start the pre-draw, during the pre-draw we will work with your feedback to create the brow shape of your dreams.  Once the pre-draw is complete the implanting of pigment will start.  Throughout the session we use a secondary anesthetic to reduce pain, swelling and redness so you are guaranteed to be comfortable.  The total appointment time takes 3 hours, implanting the pigment takes 1 - 1.5 hours.  After the session we will go over the aftercare instructions and you will receive an aftercare kit with cleanser, healing gel and visors for showering. 

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Do not wax or pluck before your appointment, this allows us to work your natural hair into the shape.  If you tint your brows please do so one week prior to your appointment.  Stop using skin thinners such as glycolic acid and vitamin A around the brow area two weeks prior to your appointment.  Cosmetic botox or fillers should be done two weeks prior or two weeks after your appointment.

What is the healing like?

Our aftercare kits are specially designed for fast healing with NO SCABBING.  For 5 - 7 days you will be required to use your aftercare kit as instructed at your appointment.  Your brows will look like darker makeup for the first few days.  Once they have healed they will lighten 20-30% and after 4 weeks you can decide if you would like to come in for a touch up.

How long does it last?

It lasts 2-5 years which its dependent on brow technique, age, skin type and lifestyle.  Also, pigments used in permanent makeup are designed to fade over time.  This allows us to change shape and colour as we age.


Does it hurt?

Everyone experiences pain differently so unfortunately we cannot tell you if you’ll find it painful but the brow area is not an overly sensitive area.  Also, our techniques are non invasive and we numb you before and during the session so a lot of our clients fall asleep. We promise to keep you comfortable.

I have botox, can I have my brows done?

Yes!  You just have to wait 2 weeks in between your appointments.

How do we choose a colour?

We will choose a colour for you because it is based on your hair colour and skin tone.  Brow pigments heal differently than what you see in the bottle so we need to use our knowledge in colour theory to choose the perfect colour for you.  We never use black pigment on anyone.

Will you remove my eyebrow hair?

Any hairs that are within the desired brow shape will not be removed.  With your permission we will only remove hairs outside of the brow shape.

I have had my brows done elsewhere, will this be an issue?

If you have had your brows done previously we require that you send us a photo before you book an appointment.  This will allow us to determine if you need a correction or saline removal.  Touch up appointments are for existing clients only.

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